As Winter Draws to a Close, the Oodie Will Pluck us Again

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2 min readApr 14, 2022
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Every fall, a new garment appears, covering the wearer from head to toe, enveloping the fetus in a sense of security. We’ve had the Ounces (popularized by One Direction and Ruby Williams), the Slanket, the Snuggie, and the mermaid tail covers. And this year, we have got an Oodie discount code to enjoy some amazing discounts.

The blanket shape resembles a hood, and versions feature a unicorn, a cartoon lawyer, a sloth, a pizza, and tie-dye-covered versions. Level.

The shape of the cover resembles a hood, and the versions feature a unicorn, a cartoon lawyer, a sloth, a pizza, and tie-dye-covered versions. Level.

According to Coco n Deals, searches for Oodie have increased 207 percent in the last six months in the UK and 220 percent worldwide, while demand is so high that orders will now only be sent out in late December. Similar products have appeared in the background, such as Snuggie — worn by Geordie Shore’s Chloe Ferry, Essex’s Amber Turner, and Leo Island’s Anna Vakili.

Perhaps its success is due to the epidemic we want to get from our clothes. For those who can work from home, there is less emphasis on the functionality of our clothes and more on their comfort. Tara Dori, a retail analyst at business information company Edit, said, “There is no need to choose comfort over cool, because comfort is cool.”

The Oodie was created by Australian brothers Todd Fogarty and David Fogarty, the idea for Oodie came to David organically. “I really thought about a warm blanket, but you can’t really walk around in a blanket,” he explained to Australia’s The Advertiser. “People are looking for something to wear around the house at the moment.”

The “blanket hoodie” is built of two types of wool (Sherpa and Flannel) and sells itself as the “warmest piece of fabric… you’ll ever have,” which you already have. It competes with existing wool items. Anthony Mayes, the Photographer who “finally lives in the Oodie,” agrees, saying it’s “actually one of the most comfortable things I’ve ever worn. It keeps you nice and warm.” And it’s easy to get around in. “Materialist” Britney Sanders, who owns a bunch of Oodies, says, “I feel like a big marshmallow. A sweet, quality experience.

Items like Oodie and the weight covers, which illustrate touch, can appeal to those who feel deprived of physical contact during an epidemic. By watching AMSR videos to calm their anxiety and purchasing candles and diffusers that release scents, people turn to items like Oodie to help them heal. A sense of familiarity.



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