Inspiring Creative Packaging Design Ideas

Awais Ali
3 min readFeb 8, 2021

Are you looking for some cool inspiring creative packaging design ideas? Well, you are at the right place here.

It doesn’t matter where and what you are selling. The key point is to stand out over your competitors. An original, fresh and unique product packaging makes a huge impact on your customers and provides you with an ultimate sale.

A creative packaging design can turn out from a tricky product to eye candy. From a teabag to an eyebrow razor electric, the product package has an extremely important role in the process.

So, how will you be able to pick your customer through your packaging?

A classy product design can make a massive impact on an unknown or a small brand.

Pepsi creative packaging design

Example: Your favorite drink Pepsi’s packaging design timeline.

International brands usually change their packing design to have the same pattern. This could be a strategy to get linked to your customers.

Coming back to the blog! Let’s talk about the creative packaging design ideas that you are here for:

Use the Patterns for Your Product Packaging

Having patterns are one of the most effective ways to seize the attraction of your customers to your product. They are plenty of types like multi-piece patterns, sweep patterns, match plates, and polka dots which provide an eye-catchy character to your products.

Simplicity does attract the Customers

Sometimes, you are good to go with simplicity. Just like your favorite Coca-cola, has got a simply attractive look that gives their customers a glimpse of the rich taste of this cola.

Simplicity is not so boring.

You can use a clean and static colored background with clear sharp typography.

Make your Customer Feel Special with a Gift

Make your customers feel special by packaging your product like a gift.

Add glamour to your product for making them look alike premium. You can use something like tissue paper or a beautiful packaging paper so that your customers have a special gesture of opening a paper.

A practical study has found that 40% of the customers will come back to your store if you provide them a great unblocking experience.

Use a Single Color to Give a Premium Look

Just like this Nokia Oro phone’s premium box. Back in 2011, Nokia announced its most expensive and classy phone with a luxury premium packaging experience only having black color with the gold textures.

This creative packaging design tactic can help your brand to reinforce amongst the competitor and give your brand a well-known identity. If you’re looking for a sophisticated design, you can go for using something more subdued like a limited color palette. Choosing the right color palette can help your product ready to go.

Special tip: Do you know what guerilla marketing is? Well, it is a strategy for the advertisement through which surprise your customers by advertising your products in a suspicious or an unusual way. Guerilla marketing can be your next step after you are done with your creative product packaging.


Doesn’t matter what kind of product you have. You can use these strategies in order to more satisfy your customers and give yourself better engagements. Now it’s your time to go and get creative with your packaging design.

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