What Features do You Expect in Windows 12? Let’s Discuss!

Awais Ali
2 min readFeb 28, 2023

If Microsoft were to release a new operating system after Windows 11, it is likely that it would continue to focus on improving performance, security, and user experience. Some potential features or improvements that a Windows 12 operating system could include are:

Windows XP Loading Screen

Cloud Integration:

Windows 12 could include tighter integration with cloud services, allowing users to seamlessly access and share their data across devices and platforms.

Enhanced Virtual Reality Capabilities:

As virtual reality technology continues to advance, Microsoft may look to incorporate more VR features into its operating system.

Artificial Intelligence Integration:

Microsoft has been investing heavily in AI research and development, and it’s possible that a future operating system could incorporate more AI-powered features and functionality.

Improved Mobile Integration:

With the growing popularity of mobile devices, Microsoft could look to further integrate Windows 12 with mobile platforms, making it easier to access and use Windows on the go.

More Customization Options:

Just like our favorite Windows XP, you get a lot of options to customize your Windows 12 User Interface with tons of themes and plugins. Users crave more customization options, and Windows 12 could potentially include more advanced customization options for personalization.


It is important to note that these predictions are purely speculative and that there is no official confirmation from Microsoft regarding the development or release of a Windows 12 operating system.

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